Handmade keyring designs to raise funds

for David Cook's Team for a Cure & Race for Hope - DC

because research is the key to finding a cure.

About The Keyring Project

The Keyring Project is a fundraising effort benefiting David Cook's Team for a Cure, which is part of Race for Hope - DC. The project raises funds through the sale of original handmade keyrings and is currently in its fourth year. All proceeds beyond the cost of materials and shipping will be donated!


Here are the 2015 designs. Order here!

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      The constant tick of an analog watch could be considered analogous to a heart..."the ol' ticker," and all that. This design pays respect to nostalgia but also represents the passage of time towards that new era that should be starting...soon. I'd say that there are too many analogies here...but can you ever have too much Analog Heart? The back is stamped with "...to straight ahead."

      Note: this design has a higher-than-usual minimum donation. It is the most time-consuming design that I've ever done by far, requires some less common/more expensive materials, and is heavier than other designs (more for shipping). I may also need to limit the total quantity of this design due to time constraints, we'll see.

      (polymer clay base with Pearl Ex pigments, various metal accents including watch gears and vintage clock keys)

      $30 minimum donation
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      This is the keyring equivalent of a charm bracelet. I'm starting it with four charms: a "hope" infinity symbol, a music note, a tiny glass-domed map of Washington, D.C. and an awareness ribbon. If this design is well-received, I'll add a new charm for a small donation each year.

      (metal/glass charms with gray/silver crystal accents (not yet pictured, supplies in transit))

      $18 minimum donation
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      If you've been to Race for Hope, you may have noticed the inlaid pattern on Freedom Plaza. The design on the plaza is based off of Pierre L'Enfant's original plan for D.C.'s street grid, and this keyring is based off of that design. Each keyring will also have a small "hope" charm. The background behind the grid pattern will have a texture to it and you can pick from blue, green or yellow on the order form.

      Aside from the design shown, this will be similar in size/construction to last year's "Light in the Dark" design, but with a silver/gray pendant instead of black.

      (metal pendant (silver/gray), glass cabochon, metal charm)

      $18 minimum donation


Goal? To raise more than last year.

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Behind the Scenes

A lot of work goes into these handmade keyrings. See what's in progress now.

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